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Freelance Video Editor and Digital Asset Manager

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Freelance video editor and digital asset manager who is creative, efficient and personable. Years of experience in video production, post production, video engineering and customer service, from linear tape-to-tape destructive editing through every version of Final Cut Pro. Projects like editing episodic broadcast and cable television shows and setting up then managing a 96TB shared SAN with 450,000 media assets for multiple edit suites and servers has provided the technical ability and professionalism to tackle any project in any format with meticulous attention to detail, continuity and quality.

Expert project workflow, file organization and media management skills, editor of compelling stories in Adobe Premiere or most efficient tool necessary, natural in Photoshop, color correction, audio sweetening and encoding polished master with closed captions for any distribution. Emmy Award nominated talent with IMDB Credits for HBO and Comedy Central.

Dedicated and reliable, working remotely from Denver, Colorado, prefer Dropbox for file transfers and review & approval with comments. Also available to travel for on-site video editing or digital asset library management including international travel. Utilizing online project management software you can make comments, view and change checklists throughout the project, so we can be in constant communication about the direction and progression of a project. Legacy equipment capable with connection to almost all drives no matter how old as well as CD transcoding and DVD authoring.

Rates vary depending on if the project is just me working on your equipment or if it necessitates me and all my gear to produce and edit video at my office and/or on location for the highest quality professional product. I am flexible and willing to negotiate a flat or lower hourly rate for ongoing regular work. Feel free to fill out my Contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Check out my Resume page for a more detailed work history.

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